The Roar Racing’s Sponsored Content Policy

From time to time, The Roar Sports Media Pty Ltd produces content paid for by outside parties. This important source of revenue allows us to explore topics that we hope are of interest to Roar readers. We endeavour to ensure that the presentation of all sponsored or ‘native’ content is clear to readers, and wish to provide clarity around how this editorial content is commissioned and produced, and who has paid for it.

All native, or sponsored content, on The Roar will be denoted as ‘Sponsored content’ and accompanied by a brand logo (known as a BTYB strip) and link to the destination page of the brand partner.

The native content we run on The Roar is entirely produced by The Roar‘s editorial staff and freelancers. It is not the opinion of the sponsoring party.

Native content is:

  • Produced by Roar editorial staff or freelancers, and is the opinion of the author
  • Clearly marked as being sponsored content within the article, social media post, or video
  • Not written by the sponsor
  • Reflective of brand values or makes mention of the sponsor where appropriate
  • Typically inclusive of natively-positioned links within the substantive matter
  • Contextually relevant to the audience who read The Roar
  • Paid for by the company or agency sponsoring the content

Native content is not:

  • Written by the sponsor
  • The opinion of the sponsor

Sponsored content may be delivered:

  • In expert or Roar of the Crowd articles
  • In The Roar videos
  • Through Roar social media channels
  • Through ad units on The Roar
  • Through site-wide callouts
  • Anywhere on the site deemed appropriate, so long as it’s properly delineated

Should you have any questions or comments about sponsored or native content running on The Roar, please contact us and tell us about it.